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Are you aware of the fact that having auto insurance is made mandatory by law? Yes, it is. And if you don’t have it and in case if you are caught by the traffic police and asked to show all documents concerned and if you fail to provide motor insurance, you will be fined. Moreover, you only stay at a disadvantageous position because you will not get any cover in case you meet with an accident and your car gets damaged or if it is stolen and other losses. And expenses may well affect your budget. So get auto insurance immediately if you don’t yet have one though you have a car. Go online and browse through the various auto insurance companies.  

Today, at a general insurance provider’s platform you will come across auto insurance policies in sync with your car make. Generally it is the market value of the car that is counted.

Older the car, lower goes the value. Of course, for a new car you get full market value. Before you buy a policy, get auto insurance quotes. This will help you get the right insurance policy. Auto insurance quotes of different companies vary in terms of premium, terms and conditions, and benefits covered. Most motor insurance plans will not cover mechanical or electrical breakdown, if the driver is without a valid driving license or is under the influence of intoxicants at the time of accident, if the vehicle is used outside India at the time of accident (unless add-on cover for geographical extension has been bought), financial loss sustained as a consequence of the accident, and if the vehicle is being used under any agreement which is not intimated to the auto insurance provider. When you get the auto insurance quotes, you can at the same time read such terms and conditions and thus know about the restrictions associated. Your motor insurance will cover mostly damages or losses caused by man-made situations and natural perils.

There are also provisions of enjoying additional coverages with payment of additional premium for a motor insurance. The add-on benefits generally include personal accident covers for driver and passengers, extension of geographical area of coverage beyond India, and loss or damage to your car accessories. There are certain companies that offer No Claim Bonus (NCB), i.e. discount on your insurance premium if you haven’t made a claim in the previous policy period.

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